Why Kanazawa gold leaf is the best?

It is said that Gold leaf manufacturing started in Kanazawa about 450 years ago when it was used to decorate spears for the Shogun.

This gold leaf was also used for castles, shrines and temples, furniture, and more.

Although gold leaf manufacturing was prohibited around 1820 for a while with policital reason at Edo period, people protected and kept their craft secretly.

Consequently, they refined a technique for high quantity as well as quality with limited materials.


More than 98% of Japanese gold leaf is manufactured in Kanazawa.

In the past, gold leaf was merely a "material, but nowadays it has been recognized and admired as a "Japanese traditional craft.’ Kanazawa gold leaf has been used for not only architecture and interior, but also food, cosmetics, stationary, tableware and more.

Here, we see a few examples of Kanazawa gold products, but the possibilities are endless. Kanazawa gold leaf can be used in a wide variety of applications.