2 Chopsticks Rests Set

a171-10004.jpg A171-10004/Minou ware (Pottery) a171-10004_3.jpg A171-10004/Minou ware (Pottery) a171-10004_2.jpg A171-10004/Minou ware (Pottery)


2 cranes rests set is made of Mino( Minou )ware. It is are also Japanese precious traditional crafts.
Therefore, this rests set is collaborations of 2 different traditions, Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Minouware.
You can enjoy them as mini art decorations.

Kanazawa Gold Leaf chopsticks rests set has 2 or 5 rests in an original box. We recommend them as special and luxury gifts.

※Please refer to the below information.


Paper Box

Manufacture Made in Japan
Retail Price in Japan JPY3,850-

Rest Type Design Model Set Material Size 
Packing Size
Chopsticks Rest     Crane A171-10004 2 pcs Minou ware (pottery), Gold 55x55x35mm 123x62x50mm
(Paper Box) 
Kucky Charms A191-10006 5 pcs

Kutani ware (pottery), Brass Gold 50x50mm  257x79x26mm (Wooden Box)

Sakura Onomatopoeia A191-10008 Resin, Brass Gold


Mt. Fuji A191-10007
Rabbit A191-10009
Kamon A191-10010
Komon (Japanese traditional Paterns) A181-10007
Catlery Rest Komon (Japanese traditional Paterns) A191-10020 2 pcs WoodWood, Gold, Urethane coating W90xD15xH10mm W72xD122xH18mm
A191-10019 4 pcs W120xD122xH18mm

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