ANCIENT LEAF Chopsticks Rest

Japanese chopsticks Rest a141-09006_1.jpg *These are the same series (ANCIENT LEAF) chopsticks.


Manufacture Made in Japan

45mm x 450mm x 10mm

Retail Price in Japan JPY660-

Design Model Color  Material Size (mm)
Packing Size(mm) MOQ
ICHIMATSU A061-10003 - Phenolic Resin 60x60x12   1
SUN & MOON A061-10005 Gold Phenolic Resin 60x60x12   1
SAKURA A191-10001 - Resin 60x60x12 80x80x15 1
ANCIENT LEAF A141-10022 - Resin 45x45x10 60x104(PP) 1
SHIZUKU(Drops) A141-10020 Gold Resin 45x45x10 60x104(PP) 1
A141-10021 Silver Resin 45x45x10 60x104(PP) 1
HANA OBORO A191-10002 Red Resin 45x45x10 60x104(PP) 1
A191-10003 Dark Resin 45x45x10 60x104(PP) 1
KASUMI NAGASHI A141-10018 Gold Resin 38x38x7 50x104(PP) 1
A141-10019 Silver Resin 38x38x7 50x104(PP) 1
BEAN A141-10014 Gold thread Glass 35x25x15 47x100(PP) 1
A141-10015 Silver thread Glass 35x25x15 47x100(PP) 1
A141-10016 Gold Glass 35x25x15 47x100(PP) 1
A141-10017 Silver Glass 35x25x15 47x100(PP) 1

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