5 Chopsticks Rests Set

a191-10006_2.jpg A191-10006/Minou Ware (Pottery) a191-10006.jpg A191-10006/Minou Ware (Pottery) a191-10006_5.jpg A191-10006/Minou Ware (Pottery) a191-10006_4.jpg A191-10006/Minou Ware (Pottery) a191-10007_3.jpg a191-10008_1.jpg A191-10008 (Sakura Onomatopoeia) a191-10008_2.jpg A191-10008 (Sakura Onomatopoeia) a191-10007_1.jpg A191-10007 (Mt. Fuji) a191-10007_2.jpg A191-10007 (Mt. Fuji) a191-10009_1.jpg A191-10009 (Rabbit) a191-10009_2.jpg A191-10009 (Rabbit) a191-10010_1.jpg A191-10010 (Kamon) a191-10010_2.jpg A191-10010 (Kamon) a181-10007_1.jpg A181-10007 (Komon) a181-10007_2.jpg A181-10007 (Komon)


5 rests set with lucky charms is made of Kutani ware (Pottery). It is are also Japanese precious traditional crafts.
Therefore, this rests set is collaborations of 2 different traditions, Kanazawa Gold Leaf and Kutani ware.
You can use them as a paper weight or mini art decorations.

Other designs have a motif of SAKURA (cherry blossoms) and Mt Fuji, which are Japanese symbols.
They are very popular who loves Japanese beautiful nature.

Kanazawa Gold Leaf chopsticks rests set has 2 or 5 rests in an original wooden box. We recommend them as special and luxury gifts.

※Please refer to the below information.


Wooden Box

Manufacture Made in Japan
Retail Price in Japan JPY5,500-

Rest Type Design Model Set Material Size 
Packing Size
Chopsticks Rest     Crane A171-10004 2 pcs Minou ware (pottery), Gold 55x55x35mm 123x62x50mm
(Paper Box) 
Kucky Charms A191-10006 5 pcs

Kutani ware (pottery), Brass Gold 50x50mm  257x79x26mm (Wooden Box)

Sakura Onomatopoeia A191-10008 Resin, Brass Gold


Mt. Fuji A191-10007
Rabbit A191-10009
Kamon A191-10010
Komon (Japanese traditional Paterns) A181-10007
Catlery Rest Komon (Japanese traditional Paterns) A191-10020 2 pcs WoodWood, Gold, Urethane coating W90xD15xH10mm W72xD122xH18mm
A191-10019 4 pcs W120xD122xH18mm

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