What's "Kumano-Fude"?

熊野筆 kumano brush

Kumano-cho in Hiroshima prefecture is the most famouse and the largest producer of brushes in Japan.

"Kumano Fude" brush had started there around the end of Edo Period(around the end of the 18th century), and each brush is usually handmade by Kumano craftsman.

Traditional Kumano Craftsmanship

Removing unnecessary hair such as backcombing and puffed hair.
This work requirs master craftsmanship.

Aligning and adjusting hair to a certain thickness and weight.

Making top part of the brush by hand.
They don't use scissors, only Kumano craftsman can make the top with their fingers.

Tying up the hair.

The first inspection.
Checking for unnecessary hair.

Tradition and Evolution

Kumano Fude is one of Japanese precious traditional crafts, and alsoit has been keeping to meet with severe requests from Professional make-up artists in Japan as well as in the world.

They have improved and created their brushes with various materials, shapes, volume and size.

For example, there are 3D, Heart, Flower, Animals, Macaroons, Pad and more in unique shapes.
The various materials such as squirrel, goat and PBT are prepared according to purpose and customer’s demand.

Now there are many kinds of brushes not only for professionals, also for personal use.

In this way, our Kumano brush has both mind of tradition and evolution, which would be unrivaled in the market.


What kind of brush are you looking for?

Just as there are different purposes for using brushes, there are different types of brushes in size, shapes, materials, length and density.

Feel free to check with us!