What's "Washi" paper?

Washi paper's longevity is said  to be over 1000 years.

Japanese Washi Paper is made by entwining long plant fibers (cellulose) kneaded from the raw materials of perennial plants. So, it is harder to tear than western paper which contains wood pulp obtained by grinding wood and the plant fibers are short.

It has been used for Japanese traditional umbrella, lantern, door and others.

Washi Paper has been in our lives for a long time.

You might have an image of Washi Paper as a traditional material which is used for Japanese traditional products such as "Wagasa (Japanese paper umbrella)", "Chochin (paper lantern)", "Shoji (old style door)".
But it can be used for many other goods around us.

Masking tape is a typical example. Washi Paper masking tape is popular for Washi's original unique texture.
In other examples, it is used for socks by taking advantage of the toughness of fibers, and deodorant. It has even been used for space suits in recent years.


Wide possibility of Washi Paper

Washi paper is now used for not only traditional products but our daily goods because it has excellent qualities: "tough", "natural", "durable", "deodorizing", "artistic and beautiful texture", "warm vibe", "beautiful watermark pattern", and so on.

Here, we are introducing a few parts of Washi Paper products, but there are many application stages that you can come up with.

Send us an image of something new you would like to use Washi paper for.  We have good connections with well-experienced, long-established manufacturers. Please come and join us in creating brand new goods together!